This is Farcry Services a development and operations company based in Canada. Run by Luke Hollins.

Recent articles:

Jan 1, 2020:
AWS Fraud Detector

AWS announced a Fraud detection service which is an ML-powered service requiring no machine language experience to use. It detects common types of online fraud such as: abuse of new accounts, guest accounts, promo codes, trial versions, and stolen credentials. There is an online payment fraud component being added soon …

Dec 19, 2019:
AWS Re:invent 2019 Announcement Rundown

I watched the 2019 Re:invent videos and read way too many blog posts from the related announcements. These are the highlights for me:

Nov 20, 2019:
Noctua NF-P12 120mm 300-1300RPM PWM fan review longterm update

This is an update to my Review. I switched cases and temporarily had two PCs running. I forgot to switch the fans back after - so I had been using a Noctua Redux briefly. I didn't use it long enough to review it, it seemed to basically work the same as …